Davidson County, North Carolina
Board of Elections

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q:  What elections will be held in 2021?  Scheduled elections for 2021 is:

    11/02/2021- Municipal Elections (Denton, Lexington, Midway, Thomasville, Wallburg)

Q:  How do I change my party affiliation?  
To change your political affiliation, complete a North Carolina Voter Registration Application/Change of Information Form.  Click link below, download desired form and instructions (link for English and Spanish below), fill in information, sign, date and mail or bring to our office.  To view your current voter record, click here.

Voter Registration Application & Instructions / Formulario de Inscripción para Votar y Instrucciones


Q:  Who is my representative and how do I contact them?  Your representatives are by your residential address.  To determine which districts are applicable to your residence address:

  • Click here to access State Board of Elections webpage to determine the district(s) applicable to your residence address.
  • Key in your Last Name in the Last Name field
  • Key in your First Name in the First Name field
  • Select Davidson County in the drop-down COUNTY field
  • Click on Search button
  • Click on YOUR NAME in the Search Results displayed, your Voter Details, Jurisdictions, Polling Place and Sample Ballot will be available for you to view.

If you still have questions, please feel free to give us a call at 336-242-2190 or contact us here

Q. What is the deadline for voter registration?  The voter registration deadline is 25 days prior to an election. 

Q. May I fax or email a voter registration form? 
Yes, you may fax or email your voter registration form, however for new registrations or changes of party affiliation, the Board of Elections must receive the original signed hardcopy within 20 days of the voter registration deadline for any given election.

Q. May I sign a voter registration application for someone else?  No, only a voter may sign his or her voter registration application. There are no provisions within the General Statutes to allow for Power of Attorney (POA) or other representatives to sign on behalf of the voter.

Q. I moved, but I forgot to update my voter registration. May I still vote?  To view the State Board of Elections information on updating your voter registration click hereEligibility to vote in an upcoming election is determined by many factors, residency only being one factor.  If in doubt, please contact your local Board of Elections office prior to election day to verify your eligibility to vote in an upcoming election.

Q. I lost my voter card; will I need it to vote?  No, your voter card is not needed to vote.  However in 2016, you will be required to provide photo identification prior to voting.  If you need a replacement card, please contact your county Board of Elections.

Q. If I register as an unaffiliated voter, can I vote in a primary election?  Yes.  If you are an unaffiliated voter, you can declare a party to vote in the primary or you may choose to vote the unaffiliated ballot, if any.  Please be aware that you can only declare to participate in ONLY ONE party; you cannot vote across party platforms in the primaries.  Participating in a partisan primary will not affect your status as an unaffiliated voter.  If you request a non-partisan ballot, only those contests that are non-partisan (i.e. judicial contests, referenda, etc.) will appear on your ballot.

Q. If I don’t vote, will my voter record be removed from the voter registration rolls?
oter registration records are not "purged".  Voters are removed from the voter rolls due to a biennial list maintenance process that is mandated by federal and state law.  If a county Board of Elections has not had any contact with a voter for a period of two federal election cycles (at least 4 years), the voter is sent a non-forwardable, no-contact mailing.  The voter will be required to return the confirmation card within 30 days of the mailing.  If the confirmation mailing is not returned by the voter within the specified time, or the mailing is returned by the postal service as undeliverable, the voter’s record is marked inactive in the voter registration database. Inactive voters are still registered. Should an inactive voter appears to vote, the person will be asked to update his or her address with the Board of Elections. Should the inactive voter remains in this status for another two federal election cycles (meaning the county board has no contact with the voter or any voting activity during this timeframe),  the voter will be removed as a voter in the county pursuant to Federal and State statutes.

Q. How are ineligible voters removed from the voter registration rolls?  In North Carolina, all county Board of Elections follow a comprehensive list maintenance schedule to remove names of individuals who are no longer eligible to be registered due to death, felony conviction, removal from the county, or lack of voter contact/activity pursuant to State statutes.